Nepali Congress

Set at a time when the fabric of Nepali democracy hangs in balance, the fate of the country lies in the hands of the Nepali Congress. This committee, a collection of the country’s brightest political minds fighting for the rights of the people, is certainly one to look out for.
Agenda: The Revolution of 1951

Rana Cabinet

At the brink of losing power, the Rana cabinet is set to take place amidst the formulation of the tripartite agreement. The members of the Rana cabinet will have to take a long hard look at things because at the end of the day the question remains, will they salvage their legacy?
Agenda: The Revolution of 1951

US Senate

The United States Senate is the upper chamber of the United States Congress, the composition and powers of which are established by Article One of the United States Constitution. One of the duties of the Senate is to conduct the trials of those impeached by the House.
Agenda: The Impeachment of President Donald Trump

Paris Climate Agreement

The Paris Agreement building upon the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change and bringing all nations together to combat climate change and its exacerbating effects. This will be a global climate effort to amend the agreement.
Agenda: Amendments to the Paris Climate Treaty

Summit on Artificial Intelligence

The world has much to gain from  the advancement of Artificial Intelligence, however it is imperative that we consider its consequences. Delegates must bear this in mind as they decide the future of this technology and its place in our world.
Agenda: Regulations on Lethal Autonomous Weaponry


NATO, with the sole objective of guaranteeing peace and security to its member states through its vast military and political resources, was formed as a direct result of the Washington Treaty (or the North Atlantic Treaty). Deriving its authority from article 51 of the UN Charter, collective defense lies at the heart of this organization. Accordingly so NATO will be looking to address the threat that right wing extremists such as the German born ‘Old School Society’ pose to Europe.
Agenda: Addressing the Rise of Right Wing Extremism in Europe

Historic Security Council

Charged with ensuring international peace and security, this year the delegates of Historical Security Council will travel back in time to address the Korean War. This committee demands decisive and resolute delegates who are capable of withstanding the pressures of the UNSC.
Agenda: The Korean War

International Press

With “Fake News” and media biases being one of the biggest threats to democracies, delegates of this committee will strive to report accurate stories through articles and photographs, while experiencing the challenges that journalists face today.
Agenda: Open Agenda